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Diamond Painting for friends

Relax and can create amazing works of art at home. It's easy to learn and super addictive! No need to spend weeks learning how to draw, paint or even stitch or crotchet.

All you need is patience. Simply pick up a tool, follow the guide and forget the world as you indulge and involve yourself in a deeply relaxing, but incredibly creative activity.

So many people are just now discovering this wonderful new craft. It has literally changed lives for the better, especially during these trying times.

The best part is, kits are affordable and come conveniently packaged with everything you need.


  • Step 1 - Pour out the diamond drills

    First, pick a color to start with. We recommend picking a color somewhere in the corners so that it's easier to get started. Cut open the packet and pour out the drills on the tray.

  • Step 2 - Shake to align, ready the pen

    Gently shake the tray from side to side to align the drills with the ridges. Ensure most of them are pointing upwards (flat side down). Take your hollow-tipped stylus and push it into the wax. 

  • Step 3 - 'Paint' in the picture!

    Using the wax-tipped stylus pen, pick up each drill one by one and apply it to the matching symbol on the canvas. Keep working through until the complete picture is filled in. Patience is key - it's worth it!

This is diamond painting

It's so easy to get started! Simply pick a design you like and you'll get a coded canvas, plus all the tools you need to get started right in one kit.

Instead of paint, colour pencils or thread, you'll be given thousands of "diamonds" to complete your masterpiece. They aren't real diamonds of course - but when you see them glisten and shimmer all the same, it's hard to tell the difference!

Choose from and begin your journey to creating mind-blowing art that is 100% guaranteed to WOW your friends and family.