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DiY diamond painting hanging ribbon magnet sticker-welcome

DiY diamond painting hanging ribbon magnet sticker-welcome

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5D DIY special shaped diamond rhinestone tag partial cut diamond painting door pendant welcome home wall art decoration crafts
This "Welcome to Our Home" is the perfect way to add a rustic, tropical design to your home.
Strong and light, it can be hung on the wall of the house.
In the middle of the background is the white "Welcome Home". This tropical decoration will take you back to summer and add much needed brightness to your space
This type of wall decoration is the perfect way to introduce letters and classic plaque design elements into the walls of a house. It is decorated with noble and elegant red, adding soft magnetic stickers which can be replaced at will, which is a unique decoration.
The decoration is a rectangle with perfect details. A shiny yellow hanging chain is wrapped around the whole shape from top to bottom, giving an atmosphere of classic and noble garden decoration.
You can use this decoration anywhere indoors or outdoors as it looks great in any room and garden, or you can use it to add pop elements.

Size: 29 * 14.5 * cm
Material: PVC, magnetic
Weight: 450g
Diamond type: special shaped partial diamond
Models: DPRCT01 + RCT01, DPRCT01 + RCT02, DPRCT02 + RCT01, DPRCT02 + RCT02, DPRCT03 + RCT01, DPRCT03 + RCT02, DPRCT04 + RCT01, DPRCT04 + RCT02

DIY diamond painting steps:
1. Open the box and check the special tools for diamond coating
2. Check the color of the resin diamonds and arrange them in the order of the codes
3. Find the picture above, you will see a lot of symbols corresponding to the color code
4. The diamond is set in resin according to the corresponding color code
5. It is recommended that a resin diamond set can be completed faster
6. When you create a perfect diamond painting pendant, put the pattern in the same place, and each row of symbols does not need to leave any diamonds.
7. After you finish the main design on the tag, you can paste the attached soft magnetic sticker anywhere you want.

This is DIY diamond painting, not finished. You have to finish it yourself.
All products are manually measured, please allow 1-2cm deviation.
Since the light is different from the screen, the item`s color may be slightly different from the picture. Please understand that.


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