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DIY Diamond Painting Fingertip Gyro Spinner - Mandala

DIY Diamond Painting Fingertip Gyro Spinner - Mandala

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DIY Diamond Painting Fingertip Gyro AB Drill Colorful Hand Spinning Art Crafts Anti Stress Anxiety Relief Toy for Kids Adult Gift
Item: Point-drilling fingertip top (low-tech relief pressure toy)
Material: Plastic (fingertip part) Bearing part (steel material)
Structural principle: ball bearing rotation
Style: snowflake shape, mandala shape, colorful butterfly shape, colorful shape, multi-wing design

How to play:
As long as you hold the main shaft with one hand, it can rotate at a high speed and continue to rotate. Once you get started, you can't stop at all
These?magic?rings are easy to operate and can be played with one hand, which is challenging and interesting.

Ultra-quiet, stable, long rotation time, wear-resistant.
The general fingertip spinning top can rotate for about 1 to 5 minutes.
With the addition of colorful AB diamonds, it turns to show a sparkling effect.
The device is made of a plastic mold and a rotating bearing, which can be rotated at your fingertips.
Good hand feel, not easy to rust, perfect size for adults and children
This kind of ring is easy to carry, small, simple, discrete and interesting, SLA technology,
Ring toys are the best choice for children and adults with learning or writing disabilities. It will be a good therapy to reduce daily stress.
The floating?magic?ring can help you show?magic?more easily, it helps to cultivate creativity and creative thinking for everyone
For people who are irritable or anxious, it can help relieve work pressure, and can effectively concentrate and think deeply.

DIY toy product point drill production steps:
1. Open the package and check whether the accessories and products of the diamond painting are complete;
2. According to the color of the resin diamond and the color of the product bottom plate, choose a color on the plate. If the same color is pasted at a time, the speed can be increased;
3. Find the corresponding color on the product, start pasting until it is finished;
4. After completion, in order to make the diamond stable, you can take some books and place them on the diamond for a while;
5. It's finally completed, enjoy your fingertips journey and add vitality to your life.
This is DIY diamond painting. It's not finished. You need to finish it yourself.
Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Package Content:

1 X Diamond Drill Fingertip Gyro
1 Set X Diamond Pointing Tools (Diamond Package, Diamond Pointing Tool)


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